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About Doug

Since the age of 18 Doug realized that self employment was the only route for him having already been made redundant 3 times. In 1976 Doug was awarded “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill for being the top salesman during a sales competition. Reading the book over and over looking for the secret it contained within its pages. Self development became a driving passion and the cassette player in the car only ever played the likes of Brian Tracy and Dennis Waitly.

Carrying his list of goals every where he went and reading them 10 times a day, totally driven to succeed.

After running a successful wholesale, retail business for 15 years or so Doug decided to return to the world of financial services.

With no stock to worry about, he set about building a successful brokerage providing independent financial advice to his clients. Realizing his flair for property and finance Doug focused his attention on the mortgage market helping his clients build wealth through property. Having already purchased a number of properties himself at well below market value using no money down strategies, he set about teaching others to do the same.

Year 2000 Doug started a journey which was to prove a complete rethink of his life and the way he perceived it.

Having already read Anthony robins, Doug at last attended his seminars and walked the fire walk.

He discovered and uncovered his true being, the source of life. His life force, the energy just started to flow unabated.

Doug learned to open to be completely one directional and focus all his attention on the task at hand. It became apparent that whatever you ask of life it would willingly give. All you needed to do was to programme your mind to achieve your goal and believe without inner doubt that it would come about. Doug immersed himself into his programming and soon all his goals and dreams were flowing into his life with ease. 

Doug started to work with Simon Zutshi speaking at seminars and workshops on property and creative finance.

He found a flair for teaching others what he knew and discovered he had a unique ability to creatively finance property where other broker had failed or just could not get started.

His own property portfolio was increasing in numbers having set up a new property purchasing business, hardly a week went by when he wasn’t either buying or selling property.

About Doug: About Me
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